Dirt Road Anthem

++ Just feel the summer breeze, lay back kick it and enjoy the ride ++

Dirt Road Anthem

Dirt Road Anthem


Skin – Fruk – Bennett

Hat – Remarkable Oblivion – Royalty Arcade Off-Sim Shopping 

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Unorthodox – Full Beard

Facial Hair Prim – Unorthodox – Full Beard

Tattoo – Sweet Sin – Swag


Hand Jewelry – M Style – Perfect Male Nails

Necklace – Kosh – Adain 

Facial Piercing – Pekka – Storm

Shirt – Alterego – Men’s Mesh Tee Cute

Pants – Barmaley – Jean Gazzila

Shoes – Hoorenbeek – Patagonia

Out On Bail

++ I’m makin collect calls to my old bitches, send mo pictures, and make me some mo riches ++

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Skin – Nivaro – Cunov

Eyes – FATE – Eyes MESH!!!

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain & CheerNo – Facial Hair

Facial Hair Prim – Atro Patena – Beard A1

Tattoo – Sweet Sin – Lord Death


Hair – Exile – Akio

Facial Piercings – Pekka – Armor and Under Lip Plug

Necklace – 2Lag – Mixtape

Throat and Hip Piercings – Puncture – Dermal Spike Implants

Pelvis Piercing – Haus of Darcy – Mess of Metal

Ears – Mandala – Omimi MESH!!!

Nails – Mstyle – Perfect Nails

Jacket – Pumpkin – Basic Coat MESH!!!

Pants – Cestar – Calca MESH!!!

Shoes – Hoorenbeek – Vaider


++ Workin all night, all night no breaks or recess ++

Greetings everyone, I COME BEARING GOODIES!! Haha so Kal Rau just released this shirt and well, damn, need I say more, I think the pictures speak for themsleves because this shirt is beautiful, it comes with numerous differint alternative shirt designs and this is just one of around fourteen different ones off the top of my head, bottom line, Kal Rau comes back out with yet another amazing quality mesh clothing piece to add to your collection!


Skin – The Body Co. – Fox

Ears – Aitui – Stretched Ears MESH!!!

Eyes – FATE – Eyes MESH!!!

Tattoo – Sweet Sin – Swag

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain & CheerNo – Facial Hair & VCD – Express Yourself

Facial Hair Prim – Atro Patena –  Beard A1


Hair – CheerNo – Rivaldo MESH!!!

Glasses – Entente – Biblio

Facial Piercings – Pekka – UnderLip

Shirt – Kal Rau – Casual Shirt NEW!!! MESH!!!

Chest Piercing – Puncture – Dermal Spike Implants

Nails – Mstyle – Perfect Male Nails

Pants – Not so Bad – Mungo MESH!!!

Shoes – Gabriel – Casual Suit Shoes


++ Bandanna tied, so mommy join my troop, now every time she hear my name she SALUTE ++

LET THE MADNESS BEGIN! Today is October 1st and that means that Swagfest is in full bloom. Get ya asses over there right now because there are so many amazing exclusives and new items that are being released at this even that you will end up kicking yourself if you miss out on it.


Skin – The Body Co. – Fox

Ears – Aitui – Stretched Ears MESH!!!

Eyes – FATE – Eyes MESH!!!

Tattoo – Sweet Sin – Swag

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – CheerNo – Facial Hair & VCD – Express Yourself

Facial Hair Prim – EMO-tions – No Mercy


Hat – alterego – Self Made SWAGFEST!!!

Facial Piercings – Pekka – UnderLip

Shirt – alterego – Certified Dope MESH!!! SWAGFEST!!!

Chest Piercing – Puncture – Dermal Spike Implants

Necklaces – 2LAG – JESUS CHAIN

Nails and Knuckles – Scrub – Knuckledusters SWAGFEST!!!

Pants – Chronokit – Military Sarrouel MESH!!!

Shoes – Mesh Shoes – Slip Ons MESH!!!


++ If you got money, then fuck it, cause I want some ++


Skin – FRUK – Knox

Ears – Aitui – Stretched Ears MESH!!!

Eyes – FATE – Eyes MESH!!!

Hair – Dura – Boy33

Tattoo – Sweet Sin – Swag NEW!!!

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain & CheerNo – Facial Hair & VCD – Express Yourself

Facial Hair Prim – Atro Patena –  Beard A1


Facial Piercings – Pekka – Armor

Shirt – Kal Rau – Plaid Shirt M4 MESH!!!

Chest Piercing – Puncture – Dermal Spike Implants

Necklaces – Kosh – Epiphany Inverted & Kosh – Sanctuary Inverted

Nails and Knuckles – Scrub – Knuckledusters NEW!!! SWAGFEST!!! COMING SOON!!!

Belt – Blitzed – Bug Belt

Watch – Mandala – Hokusai Bracelet

Pants – Amerie – Mesh Skinny Pants MESH!!!

Shoes – 2Real – Stackz NEW!!!

Still D.R.E.

++ My life’s like a soundtrack, I wrote to the beat ++

Hey everyone want to keep this short so we will see how that goes, anyways… Today I was over at Sweet Sin and found this awesome tattoo that you see on my avatar below, Jaay was kind enough to pass it to me for blogging purposes and I have to say thank you for both the opportunity as well as creating such a wonderful tat. Also today I was looking through my inventory putting together an outfit and I had everything but the pants, I could not figure out what i wanted to do then I came across these gems. I still remember back when I went to NV for the first time and purchased them, instalove. These pants are timeless in my opinion I remember when they came out you couldn’t go somewhere without seeing SOMEONE wearing them, everyone had a pair and I now remember why I used to wear mine for weeks on end…

Skin – *BIRTH* Reese

Hair – *Drot* The Benjamin

Hair Tattoo Layer – Balkanik – JapaneseStyle  Hairbase HOT!!!

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain*Valiant & Sacred* – 2.0 Chin Strap v1

Facial Hair Prim –  [Atro Patena] –  Beard A1 

Facial Piercings – – .HoD. – Torli’ai Piercing Set

Ears – Aitui – Stretched Ears

Necklace – 2LAG: – JESUS CHAIN

Chest Piercing – .HoD. – Bulletproof Piercing Collection 

Shirt – * .:: deeR ::. * MESH tank top

Body Tattoo – . Sweet Sin . Swag HOT!!!

Nails – Mstyle – Perfect Male Nails

Pants – [NV] 2011 PANTS adidas



++ I’m An Overachiever, So How About I Start a Team of Leaders and Pick Up Stevie Wonder to be the Wide Reciever ++

So today I bring to you a bit of a highlight of some new and hot things a like. I never really feature my skins much but I would like to get into the habit of that whenever I use a new skin. This skin, while I’ve had it for a while has always I feel looked UHHMAZING, its from the body co. so you know its always gonna be solid when they put it out. Some new hairs out at Burley and yet again another more than dependable place that you know the quality will always be top tier. Last but definitely not least, I bring to you an item that may not be brand spankin new today but this item is damn sexy/hot, Haus of Darcy brought out all the stops in this Mess of Metal body and face piercings. Make sure you check all them out as they all have some other new releases as well.

Skin – the body co. Fox

Facial Tattoo – [Reckless] Destroy Love

Hair – [BURLEY]_Dustin NEW!!

Facial Piercings – .HoD. – Mess of Metal HOT!!

Facial Hair – dD – Beards – Leon –

Chest and Spine Piercing – .HoD. – Mess of Metal HOT!!

Chest Tattoo – * Sweet Sin Tattoo * – Wild Angel NEW!!

Poses – Diesel Works – Dante and Algan