Hey Hey, My My

++ Once You’re Gone, You Can’t Come Back ++

Alrighty so today I bring you a great new skin from Sephora. I have to say I love this skin, the shading and definition are pretty much perfect and it comes in 8 different skin tones for anyone to be pleased with. Make sure you head over there and check it out. On another note, for any men looking at the blog, which I’d imagine 99% of you are haha, there is a new men’s only event going on over at the Narcissus Room. Great quality items for only 40-90L so make sure you get over there pronto and check it out.

Skin – Sephora – Alaistar NEW!!

Hair – [dekade] – Narcissus’ Room Hair NARCISSUS!!

Hairbase – JOMO – etched hair 12

Facial Tattoo – [Reckless] – Destroy Love

Facial Hair – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain

Ears – :Hebenon Vial: – Pierced! Ears

Facial Piercings – .HoD. – Mess of Metal

Body Tattoos – [Sleepy Bozer] – Ripped Open HOT!!

Body Piercings – .HoD. – Mess of Metal & – .HoD. – Bulletproof Piercing Collection 

Underwear – RONSEM – Boxer Briefs

Feet – Step Ahead – Mens Sculpted Prim Feet

Mr Brightside

++ Destiny Is Calling Me ++

Today I bring to you something special, its me, multiplied by three, THREEPEAT. Haha, well here’s what I will say real quick so you can move on into the fashion. Grunge Soul Project is back and in full swing, with a new sim and build and a list of new designers and clothes you are bound to find a multitude of items that you will instantly fall in love with. Also, Reila Karu over at Reila Skins & Fashion just released this awesome new skin that I just had to show off, I love it because it is definitely a change from my normal self. Hop on over to both places and get your hands working checking out all the stuff!

Skin and Eyes – Reila Skins – Ryan Med NEW!!

Hair – VCD – LJ

Hairbase – JOMO – etched hair 12

Face and Ear Piercings – Rozoregalia – Gemma Series

Neck Piercing – HoD – Bulletproof Piercing Collection

Necklace – [Acide!] – Entete GSP!!

Body Tattoo – ZR – No Lies, Just Love GSP!!

Jeans – {Elygo} – Unisex Denim GSP!!

Feet – Step Ahead – Mens Sculpted Prim Feet

Take It or Leave It

++ And I Always Feel Incomplete ++

Skin – the body co. Fox (07 Tropez)

Hair – *Drot* The Benjamin

Glasses – *Glasiz* RainbowStripes

Facial Piercing – .Pekka. Storm 

Face Tattoo – [Reckless] Destroy Love

Shirt – <kal Rau> Plaid Shirt Mesh


Necklace – 2LAG: JESUS CHAIN

Pants – Agressive_BaggyDenim Mesh

Feet – Step Ahead – Mens Sculpted Prim Feet

Poses – Diesel Works – Dante and Algan