++ I’ve had my heart in the right place at the wrong time
With the right girl in another world, maybe we would be together still
If you hear this and resent that, I don’t give a shit I’ll let it spill
I don’t give a damn, I’ll keep it real
‘Cause by now I hope you know the drill
I would never lie, young forever, I ain’t ever gonna die ++



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++ Only God can judge me
And he don’t like no ugly
I look so fucking good most dykes’ll fuck me buddy
Yeah I’m a piece of shit
I know I plead the fifth ++

Full Body

Close up


Skin – Tableau Vivant – David

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears


Hat – Flite x Reckless – Fitted Sideways Hat

Shirt – BlankLine – Cardi&T

Pants – Gabriel – Sagging Pants

Shoes – Flite – Lowtop Ducks @Kustom9


Teddy – Gabriel – Doll bear (His name is Bronson)

Glasses – Sorgo – Swan

Backpack – Represent – Lavin Python Backpack


Chain – Sorgo – Cuban Links

Watch – Sorgo – SO Watch

Bracelet – Benjaminz – 47Special Bracelet @TMD

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

++ … Whole lotta money in a black bag, black strap you know what that’s for ++

And then to finish up the post of my current house. Taiinted and Stef decided to bomb into the photo so I just kept it and the whole pic with Taiinted gave it a nice lil Bonnie and Clyde feel to it.

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

Skybox – Not so Bad – Soho Loft

Table – Meshworx – Factory Table

Large Assault Rifle – Breach – Scar

Bag and money stacks – Sorgo – Gacha

Big Chair – Trompe Loeil – Kings Chair

Smaller Chairs – Trompe Loeil – Louis Chair

Curtain – Bazar – Toronto Living Room

Sexy Bitch in the lap – Taiinted

Sexy Bitch to the side – Stef

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

Drugs Sign – 7 – Pharmacy Sign

Wall Light – 7 – Wall Bulb

Map – Pilot – Traveler’s Map

Rug – Fanatik – Era Kilim

Fan – Apple Fall – L’Air Frais

Pool Sign – 7 – Gacha

Burger on Table – Pilot – Burger Meal

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

Moose Head – Floorplan – Oh Deer Wall

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

Bed – Pixel Mode – Derby Bed

Safe – Pilot – Old Safe Table

Shelf – Pilot – Haywood Pipe Shelf

Dresser – Pilot – Miller Dresser

Wall Print – Floorplan – Dictionary Prints

Rug – Fanatik – Home Rug

Corner Piece – Stockholm & Lima – The Corner

Get Em High For This

++ Why you think me and Dame cool? We assholesssssss ++

Get Em High For This

Skin – Fruk – Bennett

Hair – Action – James

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Facial Hair – Unorthodox – Full Beard 

Tattoo – Identity Body Shop – The Warrior 

Hands – Slink – AvEnhance Hands 


Glasses – Sorgo – Teflon

Necklace – Mandala – Ero-Sensei

Facial Piercing – Pekka – Storm

Shirt – Scars – Long Cardigan THE MENS DEPARTMENT!

Pants – notSobad – James

Shoes – 2Real – Glyders

Who Do You Love?

++ I’m that nigga with the plugs, I’m that nigga who got homies that be sellin drugs ++

Alright so, one of my oldest friends, I mean it like that cause shes like 50 something, wanted to do a post today so how could I deny such a poor old soul. In comes Taiinted, and no she is not 50 or anything like that, she has been a good friend for a few years now and on top of that she isn’t a half bad blogger. So if you have a vagina and wanna check out some more vagina wear then be sure to check out my second favorite chicks blog (Gotta saythat to cover my ass. <3)

Who Do You Love?



Skin – Fruk – Bennett

Hair – Exile – Pulse

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Facial Hair – Unorthodox – Full Beard 

Tattoo – Identity Body Shop – The Warrior 

Hands – Slink – AvEnhance Hands 


Glasses – Sorgo – SMQ

Facial Piercing – Pekka – Storm

Shirt – Kal Rau – Casual Shirt M2

Pants – Gabriel – Damege Sagging Pants The Mens Department!!!!

Shoes – David Heather – Launder Loafers

Hot Chick – Taiinted 

Drunk In Love

++ You love the way I’m Turnt, After all that money you earned still show Daddy watchu learned ++

Drunk In Love


Skin – Fruk – Bennett

Hair – Action – Sam

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Facial Hair – Unorthodox – Full Beard 

Tattoo – Identity Body Shop – The Warrior 

Hands – Slink – AvEnhance Hands 


Glasses – Sorgo – Billionaire Shades

Facial Piercing – Pekka – Storm

Shirt – Etham – The Fall Cardigan

Pants – Muschi – Hotboy Pants 

Shoes – Valiant – Journeys

Necklace – Zenith – Coin Necklace The Mens Dept.

Hot Chick – Brandi


Couch – Stockholm&Lima – Lovers Pallet Sofa