++ Only God can judge me And he don’t like no ugly I look so fucking good most dykes’ll fuck me buddy Yeah I’m a piece of shit I know I plead the fifth ++ Body Skin – Tableau Vivant – David Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears Clothing Hat – Flite x Reckless – Fitted Sideways […]

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Ghost Assassin

++ She Found Thoughts She Never Had, Her Young Ones Were Just As Bad ++ Body Skin – NIVARO – Crow Skin Ears – Aitui – Stretched Ears MESH!!! Eyes – FATE – Eyes MESH!!! Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain & CheerNo – Facial Hair Facial Hair Prim – Unorthodox – Full Beard Facial Tattoos – Reckless – […]

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Swagga Like Us

++ When it comes to styles, I got several, Sharper than a swagger, dagger all metal ++ Swagfest is in full bloom. Haha so Swagfest begins October 1st and runs all the way to the 31st (woot Halloween) But here is a little preview of some awesome items that are going to be coming your way, […]

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++ Said she wait for Daddy come home, told me she aint got nothing on ++ I come bearing gifts for all of you! So first I know I am two days late on the new Chronokit pants train but here is my take on them I hope you enjoy, they come in a numerous […]

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Vava Voom

++ My old chick was called Minimum Wage and my side piece is called Getting a Raise ++ So today I was looking through old landmarks of places I haven’t been in a while and decided to stop by Tontastic, THANK GOD! I found these cargo pants as soon as I entered the store and […]

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++ When It Comes To Your Perception Of My Shit, I’m Hellen Keller ++ So I was browsing about and I hit a gold mine, and by gold mine I mean I am probably going to end up losing a life’s fortune in this new men’s store called FATEwear… Holy Shit is basically all I […]

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Hey Hey, My My

++ Once You’re Gone, You Can’t Come Back ++ Alrighty so today I bring you a great new skin from Sephora. I have to say I love this skin, the shading and definition are pretty much perfect and it comes in 8 different skin tones for anyone to be pleased with. Make sure you head […]

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