The Cross

++ Cause I parted the sea, then these novices targeted me, bitches infatuated says they love me lying to me ++

The Cross

The Cross




Skin –  Fruk – Bennett

Hair – Entente – Thibaut

Ears – Mandala – Stretched Ears

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – CheerNo – Facial Hair 7

Facial Hair Prim – M-Arc Mirror – Realistic Full Beard 2

Body Tattoo – Aitui – Star Stratus


Facial Piercings – Haus of Darcy – Mess of Metal

Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Babette

Shirt – FATEwear – Scott

Pants – Just Cool – Get Zooked

Shoes – 2Real – Stackz

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

++ I’ve been down on bended knee, talking to the man from Galilee ++

Tons of stuff going on guys! Its officially less than a month until Menswear Fashion Week, so you better be excited because there is going to be a ton of great stuff coming for everyone! Secondly, FATEwear released their new spring clothing and WOW is all I can really say, they did an amazing job, as usual making extremely high quality stuff so be sure to check it all out!

MWFW 2013



MWFW2013 Logo


Skin – Nivaro – Baptiste

Hat – Entente – Slouch Beanie

Ears – Mandala – Omimi

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Fruk – The Stinger and CheerNo – Facial Hair

Facial Hair Prim – Unorthodox – Chin Patch

Body Tattoo – V Tattoos – Salvation


Blindfold – Etechaflesh – Silk Blindfold

Facial Piercings – ni.ju – Chain Chomp and Pekka – Underlip Plugs

Bracelet – Blitzed – Spiked Cuffs

Shirt – FATEwear – Graham

Pants – EPIC – Legit Pants

Shoes – 2Real – Cuttlerz

Forest Gump

++ My finger tips, and my lips, they burn from the cigarettes ++




Skin – Nivaro – Zan

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Nivaro – Trimmed Beard and Nivaro – Jawline

Facial Hair Prim – Atro Patena – Beard A1


Hair – Entente – Yves 

Glasses – ShadZ – I’d Fuck Me

Facial Piercings – Haus of Darcy – Mess of Metal

Nails – Mandala – Sinra 2

Shirt – Ronsem – Military Shirt 2

Pants and Belt – Ronsem – Straight Jeans

Socks – FATEwear – Ben

The One

++ We on a galaxy the haters cannot visit, That’s my reality so get off my Scott Disick ++




Skin – The Body Co. – Fox

Eyes – FATE – Eyes MESH!!!

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain & CheerNo – Facial Hair & VCD – Express Yourself

Facial Hair Prim – Atro Patena – Beard A2


Hair – Taketomi – Zayn MESH!!!

Glasses – CheerNo – Marley MESH!!!

Facial Piercings – Pekka – Underlip Plugs

Ears – Mandala – Omimi MESH!!!

Nails – Mstyle – Perfect Nails

Sweater – Sey – Cardigan MESH!!!

Scarf – FATEwear – Ron MESH!!!

Pants – Flow – Sarrouel MESH!!!

Socks – FATEwear – Jerry MESH!!!

All In

++ If you know what I mean, Can you take it all in? ++

So thankfully midterms have come and gone and my life is back to being peaceful, sort of, haha. Anyways my favorite thing about a short absence from SL and blogging is coming back to amazing new releases and I was welcomed by many, from amazing new shoes from 2Real, all the way up to wonderful jeans from Kal Rau and to top it off, no pun intended, a special edition Halloween shirt from FATEwear.


Skin – The Body Co. – Fox

Ears – Aitui – Stretched Ears MESH!!!

Eyes – FATE – Eyes MESH!!!

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain & CheerNo – Facial Hair & VCD – Express Yourself

Facial Hair Prim – Atro Patena –  Beard A1


Hair – Drot – The Jason

Facial Piercings – Pekka – UnderLip

Shirt – FATEwear – Hei MESH!!! NEW!!!

Nails – Mstyle – Perfect Male Nails

Pants – Kal Rau – Skinny Pants MESH!!! NEW!!!

Shoes – 2Real – Cutterz MESH!!! NEW!!!

Wait For Me

++ I know I’m dope, man, but I can’t move crack ++

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaay Guysssss, so I know its been a few days since I’ve posted but I’ve had a lot going on in real life *cough* Mists of Pandaria *cough* and haven’t been able to do anything >.> But anyways I’m here now cause I love you all ❤ *cough* and the servers are down *cough* but I am bringing you some items that I am in love with here and this is one of my fav outfits I have worn lately, its a perfect combo of casual and still clean in my opinion, hope yall enjoy!


Skin – NIVARO – Crow Skin

Ears – Aitui – Stretched Ears MESH!!!

Eyes – FATE – Eyes MESH!!!

Hair – Entente – Thibaut

Tattoo – Aitui – Star Stratus

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain & CheerNo – Facial Hair & VCD – Express Yourself

Facial Hair Prim – Atro Patena –  Beard A1


Facial Piercings – Pekka – Armor

Glasses – Entente – Oliver

Shirt – FATEwear Shirt – Vinnie MESH!!!

Chest Piercing – Puncture – Dermal Spike Implants

Necklaces – Kosh – Epiphany Inverted

Nails and Knuckles – Scrub – Knuckledusters NEW!!! SWAGFEST!!! COMING SOON!!!

Pants and Belt – Gabriel – Casual Suit MESH!!!

Watch – Mandala – Hokusai Bracelet

Shoes – Redgrave – Survivor Boots Leather

Red Nation

++ While I’m out here I might as well go shoppin, and put this new bad bitch I got in some red bottoms ++

I continued on my LM diving during the time I was cleaning out my inventory and stopped by two places I hadn’t been in a few months, mostly due to inactivity. The first place I stopped by was JP Designs and I found these pants and fell in love they are like a perfect representation of addidas shorts in mesh, they come in like an endless number of colors, both like and dark of almost any color your could want as well as a few design colors and then ontop of all of that you can customize the color of the stripes on the sides and the pull string. My next stop was over at CheerNo which I am happy and pissed about, happy because I found myself loving almost everything released since the last time I went there, pissed because I am a shopaholic and fed my addiction and went ass up in spending hahaha but so very very well worth it. FYI if you couldn’t guess my favorite color is red ❤

Skin – NIVARO – Crow Skin

Hair – CheerNo – Rich MESH!!!

Glasses – CheerNo – Marley MESH!!!

Ears – Aitui – Stretched Ears MESH!!!

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain

Facial Hair Prim – Atro Patena –  Beard A1

Chest Piercings – HoD – Bulletproof Piercing Collection

Body Tattoo – V Tattoos – Army

Shirt – FATEwear – Lou MESH!!!

Arm Bandanna – Entente – Johnny Wrist Scarf

Pants – JP Designs -Sweat Pants MESH!!!

Shoes – [ hoorenbeek ] – Vaider