The Cross

++ Cause I parted the sea, then these novices targeted me, bitches infatuated says they love me lying to me ++     Body Skin –  Fruk – Bennett Hair – Entente – Thibaut Ears – Mandala – Stretched Ears Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – CheerNo – Facial Hair 7 Facial Hair Prim – M-Arc Mirror – Realistic Full […]

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God’s Gonna Cut You Down

++ I’ve been down on bended knee, talking to the man from Galilee ++ Tons of stuff going on guys! Its officially less than a month until Menswear Fashion Week, so you better be excited because there is going to be a ton of great stuff coming for everyone! Secondly, FATEwear released their new spring […]

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Forest Gump

++ My finger tips, and my lips, they burn from the cigarettes ++ Body Skin – Nivaro – Zan Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Nivaro – Trimmed Beard and Nivaro – Jawline Facial Hair Prim – Atro Patena – Beard A1 Outfit Hair – Entente – Yves  Glasses – ShadZ – I’d Fuck Me Facial […]

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The One

++ We on a galaxy the haters cannot visit, That’s my reality so get off my Scott Disick ++ Body Skin – The Body Co. – Fox Eyes – FATE – Eyes MESH!!! Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain & CheerNo – Facial Hair & VCD – Express Yourself Facial Hair Prim – Atro Patena – Beard A2 Outfit […]

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All In

++ If you know what I mean, Can you take it all in? ++ So thankfully midterms have come and gone and my life is back to being peaceful, sort of, haha. Anyways my favorite thing about a short absence from SL and blogging is coming back to amazing new releases and I was welcomed […]

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Wait For Me

++ I know I’m dope, man, but I can’t move crack ++ Haaaaaaaaaaaaaay Guysssss, so I know its been a few days since I’ve posted but I’ve had a lot going on in real life *cough* Mists of Pandaria *cough* and haven’t been able to do anything >.> But anyways I’m here now cause I […]

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Red Nation

++ While I’m out here I might as well go shoppin, and put this new bad bitch I got in some red bottoms ++ I continued on my LM diving during the time I was cleaning out my inventory and stopped by two places I hadn’t been in a few months, mostly due to inactivity. […]

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