Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

++ … Whole lotta money in a black bag, black strap you know what that’s for ++ And then to finish up the post of my current house. Taiinted and Stef decided to bomb into the photo so I just kept it and the whole pic with Taiinted gave it a nice lil Bonnie and […]

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Who Gon Stop Me? pt 1

++ Black Cards, black cars, black on black, black broads… ++ So I wanted to do a new decor post so here it is! A little elf friend of mine decided to ninja all my shit but its kay cause I still love her. Here is a link to her post with some of the […]

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++ Boom, here comes the Boom, ready or not, how you like me now? ++ So I was a bit limited in time today but wanted to show you a few things real quick.. just a few.. I first wanted to highlight these glasses from ShadZ that are free to the VIP group. Every week […]

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++ Tippy Tow Tippy Tay you gonna  getta tip today, fuck that you gonna get some dick today ++ So today I logged on and I was pleasantly surprised to have an IM waiting for me.  The owner of diamondz B. had passed me his new skin and even more pleasantly surprised that the skin is fucking awesome, I love it! […]

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Popular Demand

++ Come Holla At Ya Uncle, I Understand I’m Back By Popular Demand ++ Soooooo, after some time away… again I have returned! Fear not! I am under strict orders from my girlfriend to not burn myself out this time, haha. Anyways she suggested I start again and well, the pussy has the p0wer in […]

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