Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

++ … Whole lotta money in a black bag, black strap you know what that’s for ++

And then to finish up the post of my current house. Taiinted and Stef decided to bomb into the photo so I just kept it and the whole pic with Taiinted gave it a nice lil Bonnie and Clyde feel to it.

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

Skybox – Not so Bad – Soho Loft

Table – Meshworx – Factory Table

Large Assault Rifle – Breach – Scar

Bag and money stacks – Sorgo – Gacha

Big Chair – Trompe Loeil – Kings Chair

Smaller Chairs – Trompe Loeil – Louis Chair

Curtain – Bazar – Toronto Living Room

Sexy Bitch in the lap – Taiinted

Sexy Bitch to the side – Stef

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

Drugs Sign – 7 – Pharmacy Sign

Wall Light – 7 – Wall Bulb

Map – Pilot – Traveler’s Map

Rug – Fanatik – Era Kilim

Fan – Apple Fall – L’Air Frais

Pool Sign – 7 – Gacha

Burger on Table – Pilot – Burger Meal

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

Moose Head – Floorplan – Oh Deer Wall

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

Bed – Pixel Mode – Derby Bed

Safe – Pilot – Old Safe Table

Shelf – Pilot – Haywood Pipe Shelf

Dresser – Pilot – Miller Dresser

Wall Print – Floorplan – Dictionary Prints

Rug – Fanatik – Home Rug

Corner Piece – Stockholm & Lima – The Corner

Who Gon Stop Me? pt 1

++ Black Cards, black cars, black on black, black broads… ++

So I wanted to do a new decor post so here it is! A little elf friend of mine decided to ninja all my shit but its kay cause I still love her. Here is a link to her post with some of the stuff from this photo.

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt 1

Skybox – Not so Bad – Soho Loft

Wall Letters – 7 – $ Marquee and Letter Marquee

Desk – Standby Inc – Akira Desk

Stool – Cheeky Pea – Salty Bar Stool

Shelving – Apple Fall – Construct Shelving

Rolled up Papers on Shelf – Pilot – Rolled Paper Rack

Stone Tablet – Apple Fall – Acanthus Fragment

Lounging Couch – Lame – Bobby’s Daybed

Plant on Top Shelf – Floorplan – Boho Ivy Planter

Speed bag – Standby Inc – Lee Speedbag

Rug – Fanatik – Era Kilim Rug

Bench Press and other weights – Pilot – Weight Bench

Punching Bag – Standby Inc – Marshall Bag

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt 1

Crates – 7 – Lab Crates

Skateboard Rack – Avoid – Skateboard Deck Display

Hanging Chairs – Pilot – Larkin Set

Painting Rack – Apple Fall – Canvas Rack

Table – Lame – Kyle’s Table

Large Photo Frame – Apple Fall – Deer Frame

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt 1

Sofa – Stockholm and Lima – Lovers Pallet Sofa

Side Table – Floorplan – Record Shelf

Acoustic Foam – Mad Mesh – Acoustic Pyramid Foam Panel 


++ Boom, here comes the Boom, ready or not, how you like me now? ++

So I was a bit limited in time today but wanted to show you a few things real quick.. just a few.. I first wanted to highlight these glasses from ShadZ that are free to the VIP group. Every week new exclusive glasses are released for such a small price this is a steal to join the group so make sure you join so you can get your hands on exclusive glasses like these ones here. Also wanted to show this awesome new skin I got from Birth. Anyways the ShadZ read BOOM, the title of the post… BOOM… yeah I think that says it all.. BOOOOOM!

Skin – Birth – Jack HOT!!!

Hair – Entente – Yves

Glasses – ShadZ – BOOM! VIP!!!

Ears – :Hebenon Vial: – Pierced! Ears

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain & CheerNo – Facial Hair

Body Tattoos – CheerNo – La Vita. Stars

Facial Hair Prim – Atro Patena –  Beard A1

Facial Piercings – .HoD. – Mess of Metal

Body Piercings – .HoD. – Mess of Metal

Nails – Mstyle – Perfect Male Nails

Towel –  Muschi – Bath Towel MESH!!!

Feet – FANATIK – Bare Feet Flat


++ Tippy Tow Tippy Tay you gonna  getta tip today, fuck that you gonna get some dick today ++

So today I logged on and I was pleasantly surprised to have an IM waiting for me.  The owner of diamondz B. had passed me his new skin and even more pleasantly surprised that the skin is fucking awesome, I love it! It comes in 8 different tones and all look great no matter what your fancy is when it comes to skin tone. Be sure to head over there immediately and check out their store because their skins are great!

Skin – diamondz B. – Johnny

Hair – Atro Patena – Adam

Ears – :Hebenon Vial: – Pierced! Ears

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain

Facial Hair Prim – Atro Patena –  Beard A1

Facial Piercings – .HoD. – Mess of Metal

Necklace – Gabriel -Achilleus necklace

Shirt – Pumpkin – Basic coat Mesh!!!

Nails – Mstyle – Perfect Male Nails

Pants – not so bad . – JORIS jeans Mesh!!!

Feet – FANATIK – Bare Feet Flat


Popular Demand

++ Come Holla At Ya Uncle, I Understand I’m Back By Popular Demand ++

Soooooo, after some time away… again I have returned! Fear not! I am under strict orders from my girlfriend to not burn myself out this time, haha. Anyways she suggested I start again and well, the pussy has the p0wer in my eyes so when it says jump I leap off cliffs. Well onto the post, thank you very much Holli and everyone and I hope you enjoy, be sure to check back regularly for frequent updates.

Skin – NIVARO – Crow Skin

Hair – Entente- Yves Hair

Ears – Aitui – Stretched Ears

Facial Piercing – .HoD. – Mess of Metal

Glasses – ShadZ* – First Date – Flat Top

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain*Valiant & Sacred* – 2.0 Chin Strap v1

Facial Hair Prim – Discord Designs – Leon

Necklace – +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*

Jacket – [ h ] Military Jacket – Mesh

Body Tattoo – V Tattoos – Army

Chest Piercing – .HoD. – Bulletproof Piercing Collection 

Nails – Mstyle – Perfect Male Nails

Pants – not so bad . mesh . JORIS jeans NEW!!!

Keychain – * yoyo9 * A:B Fox’s tail key chain

Feet – :FANATIK: Bare Feet Flat