++ This is not Rocket Science, This is Easy to Learn ++ Skin – [ DNA ] .::.:KHAOS:.::. [_TYPE 1B_]   STUBBLE Shape – {{ get Urban }} – Stephen (COMING SOON!) Hair – CheerNo.HairDesing –  JUFIE [BLACKS Eyes – *Coma* Spectral Eyes – Moon Lip Piercing – +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*LIP PIERCE3 Shirt – Laqroki ~ “B” Vest & “W” Shirt with […]

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Feel Good

++When I See That Look On Your Face ++ Okay so this post took me long as hell to get out because of the Super Bowl and all that good ish plus I did not want to post it at 3am in the morning to just get passed over. Big shout out to the designers at Aitui, […]

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With You

++ Shawty I’m a pro and you are lookin like the protoype ++ So today I was talking with Brox Riaxik, owner and creator of DNA Skin Lab, and we were discussing him possibly contributing to my blog. Lulu Jameson and himself do great work with their customer service and development of the facility. Anyways point of […]

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Nothing Else Matters

++ Trust I seek and I find in you ++ Skin – [CheerNo] Brent_Gold BD 5 Shape – {{ get Urban }} – Stephen (COMING SOON!) Hair/Hat – :GAUGED: Ash [Beanie] Eyes – *Coma* Spectral Eyes – Moon Facial Piercings – [MANDALA]TAKAYAMA Face&Ear piercing Cigarette – .:Hermony:. / Ultimate Cigarette Necklace – Mstyle Black Beads Necklace Brass Knuckles – (NS) Cluster-Fcuk Knuckles Jacket […]

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Exit Row

++ Now I Don’t Mean to Be Rude ++ Alright so I just wanted to take a moment to address an… issue? I have been approached once but I knew it would happen eventually that my blog looks very similar to (ir)regular guy. I in no way would ever try to dodge out of this […]

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