Dirt Road Anthem

++ Just feel the summer breeze, lay back kick it and enjoy the ride ++

Dirt Road Anthem

Dirt Road Anthem


Skin – Fruk – Bennett

Hat – Remarkable Oblivion – Royalty Arcade Off-Sim Shopping 

Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Unorthodox – Full Beard

Facial Hair Prim – Unorthodox – Full Beard

Tattoo – Sweet Sin – Swag


Hand Jewelry – M Style – Perfect Male Nails

Necklace – Kosh – Adain 

Facial Piercing – Pekka – Storm

Shirt – Alterego – Men’s Mesh Tee Cute

Pants – Barmaley – Jean Gazzila

Shoes – Hoorenbeek – Patagonia

Method Man

++ Hey, You! Get off my cloud, you don’t know me and you don’t know my style! ++

New shit alert! Well not shit because these shirts are fucking awesomeeeeeeee! Alterego is stocking up on their guys line and let me tell you everything Toxxic has put out has been absolutely FIRE! Get your asses over there and check this shit out like this shirt here that comes in about 30 different styles to date right now!




Skin – Nivaro – Baptiste

Ears – Mandala – Omimi

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Fruk – The Stinger and CheerNo – Facial Hair

Facial Hair Prim – Emo-tions – No Mercy & Unorthodox – Full Beard

Body Tattoo – V Tattoos – Salvation


Hat – Elygo – Cap Authentic

Facial Piercings – Mandala – Takayama

Shirt – Alterego – Mens Tee

Pants – Balkanik – Evuza

Shoes – 2Real – E Wings


++ Bandanna tied, so mommy join my troop, now every time she hear my name she SALUTE ++

LET THE MADNESS BEGIN! Today is October 1st and that means that Swagfest is in full bloom. Get ya asses over there right now because there are so many amazing exclusives and new items that are being released at this even that you will end up kicking yourself if you miss out on it.


Skin – The Body Co. – Fox

Ears – Aitui – Stretched Ears MESH!!!

Eyes – FATE – Eyes MESH!!!

Tattoo – Sweet Sin – Swag

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – CheerNo – Facial Hair & VCD – Express Yourself

Facial Hair Prim – EMO-tions – No Mercy


Hat – alterego – Self Made SWAGFEST!!!

Facial Piercings – Pekka – UnderLip

Shirt – alterego – Certified Dope MESH!!! SWAGFEST!!!

Chest Piercing – Puncture – Dermal Spike Implants

Necklaces – 2LAG – JESUS CHAIN

Nails and Knuckles – Scrub – Knuckledusters SWAGFEST!!!

Pants – Chronokit – Military Sarrouel MESH!!!

Shoes – Mesh Shoes – Slip Ons MESH!!!

Swagga Like Us

++ When it comes to styles, I got several, Sharper than a swagger, dagger all metal ++

Swagfest is in full bloom. Haha so Swagfest begins October 1st and runs all the way to the 31st (woot Halloween) But here is a little preview of some awesome items that are going to be coming your way, and keep in mind not only are there some awesome exclusives but a lot of designers are premièring just fresh new items there so regardless make sure on October 1st your ass is on the Swagfest sim.


Skin – The Body Co. – Fox

Ears – Aitui – Stretched Ears MESH!!!

Eyes – FATE – Eyes MESH!!!

Face Tattoo – Reckless – Destroy Love COMING SOON!!!

Hair – Dura – Boy24

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain & CheerNo – Facial Hair & VCD – Express Yourself

Facial Hair Prim – Atro Patena –  Beard A1

Body Tattoo – BUID – Tatto 83 Dragon NEW!!! HOT!!!


Facial Piercing – HoD – Mess of Metal

Tank – Alterego – Oversized Tank MESH!!! NEW!!! HOT!!! SWAGFEST!!! COMING SOON!!!

Chest Piercing – HoD – Bulletproof

Necklace – Kosh – Epiphany Inverted HOT!!!

Nails and Knuckles – Scrub – Knuckledusters HOT!!! NEW!!! SWAGFEST!!! COMING SOON!!!

Pants – Balkanik – Shorty Sweatpants

Shoes – 2Real – E Wing HOT!!!