Get Em High For This

++ Why you think me and Dame cool? We assholesssssss ++ Body Skin – Fruk – Bennett Hair – Action – James Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears Facial Hair – Unorthodox – Full Beard  Tattoo – Identity Body Shop – The Warrior  Hands – Slink – AvEnhance Hands  Outfit Glasses – Sorgo – Teflon Necklace – Mandala – Ero-Sensei Facial Piercing – Pekka – […]

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The Cross

++ Cause I parted the sea, then these novices targeted me, bitches infatuated says they love me lying to me ++     Body Skin –  Fruk – Bennett Hair – Entente – Thibaut Ears – Mandala – Stretched Ears Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – CheerNo – Facial Hair 7 Facial Hair Prim – M-Arc Mirror – Realistic Full […]

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Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

++ Wishin I woulda tried more, she wanted the truth, truthfully I wish I lied more ++ Body Skin – T Bare – Eros Hair – eep – Hair 006 Ears – Mandala – Stretched Ears Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain Combos & CheerNo – Facial Hair F3 Facial Hair […]

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++ Am I wrong cause I wanna get it on till I die? I like the way you die, boy ++ Body Skin – Fruk – Bennett Eyes – Rue – Khepri Ears – Hebenon Vial – Schakai Pierced Ears Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Unorthodox – Full Beard (Custom) Facial Hair Prim – Emo-tions – […]

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Method Man

++ Hey, You! Get off my cloud, you don’t know me and you don’t know my style! ++ New shit alert! Well not shit because these shirts are fucking awesomeeeeeeee! Alterego is stocking up on their guys line and let me tell you everything Toxxic has put out has been absolutely FIRE! Get your asses […]

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God’s Gonna Cut You Down

++ I’ve been down on bended knee, talking to the man from Galilee ++ Tons of stuff going on guys! Its officially less than a month until Menswear Fashion Week, so you better be excited because there is going to be a ton of great stuff coming for everyone! Secondly, FATEwear released their new spring […]

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++ I aint Santa, I got something for these bad bitches too ++ Body Skin – Nivaro – Zan Hat – Akeyo – Jeep Cap Eyes – FATE – Eyes Ears – Mandala – Omimi Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – CheerNo – Facial Hair Facial Hair Prim – Unorthodox – Balbo Tattoo – CheerNo – La Vita Outfit Facial Piercings – […]

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