Constant Conversations

++ If there’s a bump in the road yeah you’d fix it
But for me I’ll just run off the road
But tonight you’ve got me cornered, and I haven’t got a place to go ++

Constant Conversations

Constant Conversations

Body Parts

Hair – DuoX – Angel

Hairbase – L’Etre – Shaved

Eyes – L’Etre – Real Eyes

Ears – L’Etre – Horn Mesh Ears

Head – CATWA – Stanley @ Ultra (Opens May 15)

Tattoos – Letis Tattoo – Arouni Iwalni @ Signature Event


Top – Cold Ash – Dayton Sweater

Slacks – Deadwool – Pleated Pants

Shoes – Vale Koer – Retro Dunks @ The Men’s Department

Necklace – Benjaminz – AC Chain

Bracelet – Tabou – Lucas Watch Bullets

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