Who Gon Stop Me? pt 1

++ Black Cards, black cars, black on black, black broads… ++

So I wanted to do a new decor post so here it is! A little elf friend of mine decided to ninja all my shit but its kay cause I still love her. Here is a link to her post with some of the stuff from this photo.

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt 1

Skybox – Not so Bad – Soho Loft

Wall Letters – 7 – $ Marquee and Letter Marquee

Desk – Standby Inc – Akira Desk

Stool – Cheeky Pea – Salty Bar Stool

Shelving – Apple Fall – Construct Shelving

Rolled up Papers on Shelf – Pilot – Rolled Paper Rack

Stone Tablet – Apple Fall – Acanthus Fragment

Lounging Couch – Lame – Bobby’s Daybed

Plant on Top Shelf – Floorplan – Boho Ivy Planter

Speed bag – Standby Inc – Lee Speedbag

Rug – Fanatik – Era Kilim Rug

Bench Press and other weights – Pilot – Weight Bench

Punching Bag – Standby Inc – Marshall Bag

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt 1

Crates – 7 – Lab Crates

Skateboard Rack – Avoid – Skateboard Deck Display

Hanging Chairs – Pilot – Larkin Set

Painting Rack – Apple Fall – Canvas Rack

Table – Lame – Kyle’s Table

Large Photo Frame – Apple Fall – Deer Frame

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt 1

Sofa – Stockholm and Lima – Lovers Pallet Sofa

Side Table – Floorplan – Record Shelf

Acoustic Foam – Mad Mesh – Acoustic Pyramid Foam Panel 

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