Method Man

++ Hey, You! Get off my cloud, you don’t know me and you don’t know my style! ++

New shit alert! Well not shit because these shirts are fucking awesomeeeeeeee! Alterego is stocking up on their guys line and let me tell you everything Toxxic has put out has been absolutely FIRE! Get your asses over there and check this shit out like this shirt here that comes in about 30 different styles to date right now!




Skin – Nivaro – Baptiste

Ears – Mandala – Omimi

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Fruk – The Stinger and CheerNo – Facial Hair

Facial Hair Prim – Emo-tions – No Mercy & Unorthodox – Full Beard

Body Tattoo – V Tattoos – Salvation


Hat – Elygo – Cap Authentic

Facial Piercings – Mandala – Takayama

Shirt – Alterego – Mens Tee

Pants – Balkanik – Evuza

Shoes – 2Real – E Wings

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