Stepped On My J’s

++ It’s all good until I get my first scuff, then I’m like “Hell Naw, Aint no way” ++

So I know a lot of people have seen these shoes around, 2Real made yet another amazing pair of sneakers as you will see, but I wanted to do a quick post for two reasons. Firstly, these shoes are fucking HOT, the customization is unreal, there is nearly 20 different colors and designs in each shoe HUD and you can edit litteraly EVERY different piece of the shoe to your liking, the combinations are endless, here I have 4 different designs of each shoe showing but the combinations are truly limitless. The second reason I wanted to make this post was for clarification for a lot of people. These are two DIFFERENT pairs of shoes, a lot of people have come to think that it is just one pair of shoes and you can move the wing to different positions and that is wrong. I wanted to just make this quick post cause I had a busy day RL to feature and clarify some things on these shoes.

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