++ When It Comes To Your Perception Of My Shit, I’m Hellen Keller ++

So I was browsing about and I hit a gold mine, and by gold mine I mean I am probably going to end up losing a life’s fortune in this new men’s store called FATEwear… Holy Shit is basically all I can say about it. This store has something for everyone and I highly suggest that you swing by and check it out if you have an extra organ hanging off the lower part of your waist because you will be pleasantly surprised at how well made and beautifully textured all the clothing items are in the store.

Skin – NIVARO – Crow Skin

Hair – [NSD] Clarkson Hair

Hat – -Entente- Slouch Beanie

Facial Hair Tattoo Layer – Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain*Valiant & Sacred* – 2.0 Chin Strap v1

Facial Hair Prim – Discord Designs – Leon

Facial Piercings – – .HoD. – Mess of Metal

Necklace – +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*

Shirt – FATEwear Shirt – Vinnie  HOT!!!

Body Tattoo – [Reckless] Kiss The Sky

Face Tattoo – [Reckless] Destroy Love

Nails – Mstyle – Perfect Male Nails

Pants – not so bad . mesh . MUNGO jeans

Shoe – [ hoorenbeek ] All Star – Low Top Used

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