With You

++ Shawty I’m a pro and you are lookin like the protoype ++

So today I was talking with Brox Riaxik, owner and creator of DNA Skin Lab, and we were discussing him possibly contributing to my blog. Lulu Jameson and himself do great work with their customer service and development of the facility. Anyways point of this story was that Brox said he would love to help and most of all he would like me to do a little preview/review of his new skin coming out soon titled “CJ.” I must say I love this skin, he did an amazing job on the toning and cuts in the body. I think its hard to capture the full features of a skin in a photo, especially a dark skin so soon as this skin does drop I suggest you all get over to DNA and at least check out the demo. Anyways, ROLL CREDITS!

Skin – [ DNA ] .::.:CJ:.::. [ Preview ]

Shape – {{ get Urban }} – Tyson (COMING SOON!)

Hair – MADesigns HAIR ~ MAXX ~

Eyes – *Coma* Spectral Eyes – Moon

Ear Piercings – [MANDALA]TAKAYAMA Ear piercing

Lip Piercing – +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*LIP PIERCE3

Necklace – [MANDALA]HANNYA Necklace

Underwear – RONSEM* Boxer Briefs

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