Exit Row

++ Now I Don’t Mean to Be Rude ++

Alright so I just wanted to take a moment to address an… issue? I have been approached once but I knew it would happen eventually that my blog looks very similar to (ir)regular guy. I in no way would ever try to dodge out of this to say “oh I have never even seen that blog this must be a coincidence.” A matter of fact, on the contrary, I have am a huge and avid follower of Bronson’s work. I believe that the way I have chosen to lay out my blog is a very clean and convenient FOR THE READERS. This blog is as much for me as it is for you so regardless of how it is set up I hope it is enjoyable and resourceful for all those who view it. Without further adieu I present to YOU…

Skin – [ DNA ] .::.:LEGACY:.::. [_TYPE 1B_]   CHIN BEARD

Shape – {{ get Urban }} – Stephen (COMING SOON!)

Hair – [-B-] Cody / +Brown+

Eyes – *Coma* Spectral Eyes – Dust

Facial and Ear Piercings – [MANDALA]TAKAYAMA Face&Ear piercing

Necklace – [MANDALA]TAKAYAMA[ 2] necklace/Black

Bracelet – [MANDALA] REIKI Bracelet /Black

Chest Tattoo – AITUI TATTOO – Wicked

Back Tattoo – AITUI TATTOO – Battle Wings

Waist Tattoo – custom [[ not for sale ]]

Sweatshirt Around Waist – :sey Maki2  hoodie_v3

Jeans – !ZB:Sehk Jeans (black)

Boots – [*RG*] Biker Boots -Night-

And on one last note you may have noticed a shape store opening soon in the name of {{ get Urban }} I hopefully will have it open and running with a few shapes within the next week or so so keep tuned and I will let you know when it is open.

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