Meet Me at Fantasy Island

++ I Want To Get Away ++

Skin – *Sacred* Robert T2 – Chin Strap

Hair – **Dura-Boys&Girls** 05(Woodsmoke)

Facial Piercings – [MANDALA]TAKAYAMA Face&Ear piercing

Necklace – [MANDALA]TAKAYAMA necklace/Black/MALE

Shirt – !ZB: Striped Tank Tops [ black ]

Tattoos – *V-Tattoos* Fire Fish Tattoo

Pants – [NV] 2011 PANTS adidas black

Shoes – *ordinary* -Tarsius-  CP Limited edition

Shape – Custom [ not for sale ]

2 thoughts on “Meet Me at Fantasy Island

    1. yes I have no fear to admit, I was greatly inspired by (ir)regular guy. Bronson does amazing work and while I will not say I took the same template, because I have modded it and also it is the second most popular template on wordpress. I will say I did agree with his idea that the image of clothing can not just be capture in just one full body shot. I will address this in my next post but I do hope at the same time you do enjoy reading my blog.

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