Telegraph Ave

++ All the girlfriends saying “here we go again” Rich kid but he act like a gentleman Last one didn’t end like it should’ve been Two dates and he still wanna get it in And you’re saying it’s because of the Internet Try once and it’s on to the next chick X-O the O face […]

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Still Fly

++ Get your k-uh, k-uh-car, play gems gone shine ++   I gotta say this, when I blog I blog what I like, not what I need to. Most of the items I blog I pay for myself because I just appreciate great quality. This item I have here is absolutely no exception. The new release […]

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++ Flip ya vehicle, split ya windshield Wack ya Baby momma but I let the kid live And people say that I am a kid still, cause the lil nigga still rides on big wheels You feeling animal then come on and get killed ++

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Kiss the Sky

++ Now can I, lay underneath you? While they play all the previews And I’ll pretend like I’m restin’ Maybe you’ll skip to the end and Pass all the irrational decisions Patch up all the passion that was missin’ I think that’s enough, I’m feelin’ lovesick Rollin’ loud, I’m on some turnin’ up shit ++

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++ I’m a savage, I’m a asshole, I’m a king Shimmy-yeah, shimmy-yeah, shimmy-yeah, rock (yeah) You can tell your nigga he can meet me outside (yeah) You can babysit him when I leave him outside ++


Iz U Down

++ Guess who back in the building With the motherfuckin problems Top of the world, all the way from the bottom Turn this whole bitch up like fox and go in, show out ++

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